13 November, 2019

International Organizations and Their Headquarters

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International Organizations

An organization involves multiple people and final goal is linked to an external environment. The structure of organization may be institution association etc. All organizations have management that determines relationships between the different activities of the members.

Organization word is derived from the Greek word organon. Organon means Organ. Dictionary meaning of organization is the act or process of organized.

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1. Organisations and their Headquarters in USA:

Charity organizations in US are Transparent Hands Foundation, World Vision, United Way, Lutheran services in America, YMCA, Americares Foundation, American heart association, Direct relief. Charity organizations are also known as nonprofit organizations.

Most of the leading company headquarters are in the USA. GE healthcare headquarters in the USA, headquarters of Microsoft in the USA, Microsoft headquarters in the USA, Google headquarters in the USA, Amazon headquarters in the USA, headquarters of Amazon in the USA, dell us headquarters, apple headquarters in the USA, Boeing headquarters in the USA, etc.


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1United Nations Organisation UNO1945NewYork
2United Nations Childrens' Fund UNICEF1946NewYork
3United Nations Population Fund UNFPA 1969NewYork
4UN Women UNW2010NewYork
5Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN1998Los Angeles
6International Monetary Fund IMF 1945Washington DC
7World Bank WB1944Washington DC
8Biotechnology Innovation Organization BIO1993Washington DC

2. Organisations and their Headquarters in Switzerland:

Geneva belongs to Switzerland. It has the highest number of international organizations in the world. The city of Geneva itself is host to 37 international institutions, organizations and approximately 400 NGOs.


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD1964Geneva
2World Health Organisation WHO1948Geneva
3International Labour Organisation ILO1919Geneva
4International Committee of the Red CrossICRC 1863Geneva
5World Trade Organisation WTO1995Geneva
6World Meteorological Organisation WMO1950Geneva
7World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO1967Geneva
8International Organization for StandardizationIOS 1947Geneva
9World Economic ForumWEF 1971Geneva
10Médecins Sans Frontières MSF 1971Geneva
11International Organization of Migration IOM1951Geneva
12International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry IUPAC1919Zurich
13Worldwide Fund for Nature WWFN1961Gland
14International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN1948Gland
15Universal Postal Union UPU1874Berne

3. Organisations and their Headquarters in France:

UNESCO is a specialized agency located in Paris, France. It is established in 1946 with Paris headquarter. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization short form is UNESCO.


S.NoOrganisationShort FormHeadquartersFormation
1United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO1945Paris
2Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD 1961Paris
3International Chamber of Commerce ICC1909Paris
4International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS 1965Paris

4. Organisations and their Headquarters in Austria:


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO1985Vienna
2International Atomic Energy AgencyIAEA 1957Vienna
3Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC1960Vienna

5. Organisations and their Headquarters in England:


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1Amnesty International AI1961London
2International Maritime Organisation IMO1948London
3Consumers International CI 1960London
4Commonwealth of Nations CWN1931London

6. Organisations and their Headquarters in Netherlands:


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1International Court Of Justice ICJ1945The Hague
2The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW1997The Hague

7. Organisations and their Headquarters in Nepal:


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1South Asian Association for Regional CooperationSAARC 1985Kathmandu
2South Asian Wild life Enforcement Network SAWEN 2011Kathmandu

8. Organisations and their Headquarters in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia

S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1Organisation of Islamic Cooperation OIC1969Jeddah
2International Cricket Council OIC1909Jeddah
3International Renewable Energy Agency IREA2009Abu Dhabi

9. Organisations and their Headquarters in Belgium:


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1World Customs Organization WCO 1952Brussels
2North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO1949Brussels
3 European union Union1993Belgium

10. Organisations and their Headquarters in Italy:


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO 1945Rome
2International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD 1977Rome
3World Food Programme WFP 1961Rome

11. Organisations and their Headquarters in Asia:


S.NoOrganisationShort FormFormationHeadquarters
1Transparency InternationalTI 1993Berlin (Germany)
7Association of South East Asian Nations ASEAN1967Jakarta (Indonesia)
2Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC1989Singapore
3Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional CooperationIORARC 1997Ebene (Mauritius)
4International Hydrographic Organization IHO1921Monaco
5Asian Development Bank ADB1966Manila, Phillipines
6Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank AIIB2016Beijing, China
7New Development Bank NDB2014Shanghai, China

Present Leading Companies in the World:

Companies in the World

1Amazon E-Commerce1994Washington DC
2Apple Electronics1976California
3 Google Search Engine1998California
4NASA Space Agency1958Washington DC
5Microsoft Software1975Washington DC
6DELL Electronics1984Texas
7Boeing Manufacturer1916Washington DC
8Accenture Space Agency1989Bermuda

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