15 November, 2019

Revolutions of India

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Revolutions in India and Their Father

The Revolution word comes from Latin and is related to the word revolutio, which means a turnaround.

Some people feel unhappy with their lives, some are not happy with the whole system. Those people join together to share ideas and make something change. Sometimes revolutions may or may not include fighting.

Types of Revolutions in India

The Revolution is a successful attempt made by people. The large group of people does an activity to change the political system of their country by force. Let's see in detailed revolutions in india.

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1. Black revolution:


The black revolution is related to Crude oil, Petrol Production. The basic aim of the black revolution is to increase the amount of crude oil production.

The Indian govt plans to accelerate the production of ethanol and produced biodiesel.

Revolution Name: Black revolution
Related Product: Crude oil, Petrol Production
Father of Revolution: Unknown

2. Blue revolution:

Blue revolution

The blue revolution is related to Fish and Aqua Production. The father of the blue revolution is Dr. Arun Krishnan. The blue revolution word refers to the remarkable emergence of aquaculture and highly productive agricultural activity.

Aquaculture refers to the all forms of active culturing of aquatic animals and plants in marine, brackish, or freshwater.

Revolution Name: Blue revolution
Related Product: Fish and Aqua Production
Father of Revolution: Dr. Arun krishnan

3. Brown revolution:

Brown revolution

The brown revolution is related to organic farming and improving soil quality. The brown revolution is also being associated with the increase in the production of coffee, development of leather industry and cocoa production.

Revolution Name: Brown revolution
Related Product: organic farming, Leather, Cocoa Production
Father of Revolution: Unknown

4. Golden fiber revolution

Golden fiber revolution

The golden fiber revolution is related to jute production. Jute is a natural fiber with a golden and long, soft, silky shine. Jute is also known as a golden fiber because of its colors and high cash value. Jute is the cheapest fiber procured from the skin of the plant’s stem.

Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber in usage, consumption, production, and availability, after cotton. Jute is started being used in the fabric industry during the industrial revolution. The processed jute is used for making strong threads and other jute products until today.

Revolution Name: Golden fiber revolution
Related Product: Jute Production
Father of Revolution: Unknown

5. Golden revolution Fruits

Golden revolution Fruits

The golden revolution fruits related to Overall honey, horticulture production. The father of golden revolution is nirpakh tutej. The horticulture sector is the most dynamic and sustainable segment of agriculture.

In India the golden revolution period between 1991 to 2003. During the golden revolution, there is a huge production of fruits and other products. It covers a wide spectrum of crops like fruits.

Revolution Name: Golden revolution Fruits
Related Product: Honey, Horticulture Production
Father of Revolution: Nirpakh tutej

6. Green revolution

Green revolution

The green revolution is related to agricultural producition. The father of green revolution is norman borlong. The green revolution refers to the high yielding variety of seeds and increased use of fertilizer and irrigation methods.

The green revolution is the third agricultural revolution. It is a set of research, technology transfer initiatives period of the 1950s to the late 1960s. During the period increased agricultural production.

The main aim of the green revolution is to increase production to make India self-sufficient in food grains.

Revolution Name: Green revolution
Related Product: Agriculture Production
Father of Revolution: Norman borlong

7. Green Gold Revolution

Green Gold Revolution

The green golden revolution is related to promotion of bamboo plants. The green gold revolution for promotion and trade of bamboo plants to increase the economic growth of northeast India.

The Bamboo is called as green gold. It is a wonderful plant that is converted from a single plant to green gold.

Revolution Name: Green Gold Revolution
Related Product: Promotion and trade of Bamboo
Father of Revolution: Unknown

8. Gray revolution

Gray revolution

The gray revolution is related to fertilizers. The grey revolution refers to increased fertilizer production and the sustainable development of fertilizers. it’s related to the mal effects of the green revolution of India.

Revolution Name: Gray revolution
Related Product: Fertilizers
Father of Revolution: Unknown

9. Pink revolution:

 Pink revolution

The pink revolution is related to Pharmaceuticals, Prawns Production. The father of pink revolution is durgesh patel. The pink revolution refers to natural minerals and vitamins. The important role of minerals and vitamins to increase the capacity of resistance.

Revolution Name: Pink revolutionOnions
Related Product: Pharmaceuticals, Prawns Production
Father of Revolution: Durgesh Patel

10. Red revolution:

Red revolution

The red revolution is related to Meat, Tomoto Production. The red revolution is the technological revolution in the field of meat and tomato production. During the red revolution, tomato increases rapidly, including high export growth and better domestic production.

Revolution Name: Red revolution
Related Product: Meat, Tomoto Production
Father of Revolution: Visual tewari

11. Evergreen revolution

Evergreen revolution

The evergreen revolution is related to Intended for overall agriculture production growth Started in 11th 5 year plan. The father of the evergreen revolution is Swaminathan.

The highlights of the evergreen revolution are to increase production and productivity in short and long term goals for food productions. During this period the main aim is to produce more from less land, less pesticide, less water.

This revolution supports better disease crops, better soil health, and fertility without having chemical fertilizers and the use of biological controls to reduce damage caused by pesticides.

Revolution Name: Evergreen revolution
Related Product: Intended for overall agriculture production growth Started in 11th 5 year plan.
Father of Revolution: M.S Swaminathan

12. Round revolution

Round revolution

the round revolution is related to potato prodution. The round revolution is adopted by the government of India to increase in production of potato. The main aim of this resolution is to make doubled or tripled production in a single annual increase.

Revolution Name: Round revolution
Related Product: Potato Production
Father of Revolution: Unknown

13. Silver fiber revolution

Silver fiber revolution

The Silver fiber revolution is related to cotton production. The silver revolution is to increase production of cotton.

The period of 1999 to 2000 cotton in our country is 87.30 lakh hectors. Thereafter decreased to 77.85 lakh hectors in the period of 2003 to 2004.

During this revolution higher prices fetched by farmers and a large scale of bt hybrids, more acreages were covered by cotton in the period of 2007 to 2008. Due to this revolution, India becomes the 2nd largest producer of cotton.

Revolution Name: Silver fiber revolution
Related Product: Cotton Production
Father of Revolution: Unknown

14. Silver revolution

Silver revolution

The Silver revolution is related to Eggs/Poultry Production. The period of silver revolution time production of eggs was tremendously increased. It was done with the help of medical science and more protein-rich food for the hens.

Revolution Name: Silver revolution
Related Product: Eggs/Poultry Production
Father of Revolution: Indira Gandhi

15. White revolution

White revolution

The white revolution is related to Milk/Dairy Production. The father of white revolution is verghese kurien. He was a social entrepreneur. The billion-liter idea is the worlds largest agricultural dairy development program made to the world’s largest milk producer.

The double milk available per person within 30 years of the white revolution. It has many benefits such as income, employment, nutrition, education, health, empowerment, etc. The operation flood launched in India in 1970 is the dairy development board (NDDB). It is the world’s biggest dairy development program.

Revolution Name: White revolution
Related Product: Milk/Dairy Production
Father of Revolution: Verghese kurien

16. Yellow revolution

Yellow revolution

The yellow revolution is related to Oil Seeds Production. The father of yellow revolution is sam pitroda. The yellow revolution is to increase the production of oil seeds like mustard, sesame, etc.

The oilseeds sudden increase in India has witnessed a dramatic turn because of hybrid oil seeds. India achieved a self-sufficient status and became an exporter.

It rises importer to exporter mere annual production. Production improvement created a record within a decade. The revolution has institutional support particularly setup of the technology mission on oilseeds.

Revolution Name: Yellow revolution
Related Product: Oil Seeds Production
Father of Revolution: Sam Pitroda

17. Protein revolution

Protein revolution

The Protein revolution is related to Higher production (2nd green revolution). The protein is very important after water. It is a very important micronutrient on earth for human existence and health. Protein is a component required for everybody’s cell in the body. It uses to build and repair tissues.

Revolution Name: Protein revolution
Related Product: Higher production (2nd green revolution)
Father of Revolution: Unknown

Revolutions Defination:

The revolution is a fundamental change in organizational structure that takes place in a short period of time. Revolution is necessary when the population rises up. A revolution is an event that attempts to change a nation, region or society.

Revolutions Meaning:

Revolutions vary in their motives and their aims. Revolution dictionary meaning is ‘forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of the new system.

A very important change in the way that people do things that may be a sudden and great change.

Revolution in India and Their Father

Table of Contents

S.NoRevolution NameRelated ProductFather of Revolution
1Black revolutionCrude oil, Petrol ProductionUnknown
2Blue revolutionFish and Aqua ProductionDr. Arun krishnan.
3Brown revolutionLeather, Cocoa ProductionUnknown
5Golden fiber revolution Jute ProductionUnknown
6Golden revolution Fruits, Honey, Horticulture ProductionNirpakh tutej.
7Green revolution Agriculture ProductionNorman borlong
8Green Gold Revolution Promotion and trade of BambooUnknown
9Gray revolutionFertilizersUnknown
10Pink revolutionOnions, Pharmaceuticals, Prawns ProductionDurgesh Patel.
11Red revolutionMeat, Tomoto Production Visual tewari.
12Evergreen revolutionIntended for overall agriculture production growthStarted in 11th 5 year plan.
13Round revolutionPotato ProductionUnknown
14Silver fiber revolutionCottonUnknown
15Silver revolutionEggs/Poultry ProductionIndira Gandhi.
16White revolutionMilk/Dairy Production Verghese kurien.
17Yellow revolutionOil Seeds ProductionSam Pitroda
18Protein revolution Higher production (2nd green revolution) Unknown

Revolutions of India Quiz

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