14 April, 2021

Best Cloud Storage Free

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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is online space which is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet, or cloud. This service enables users to upload data to a network of remote servers and access it using virtualization.

The cloud storage service allows users to store data, photos, music, and videos to access from any of your devices. The digital data is stored in logical pools.

The physical storage operated and managed by a hosting company made available to users over a network. It remotely maintained, managed, and backed up by the user.

Cloud Computing is a revolution in the IT world that has changed the meaning of IT resources for businesses. Data is stored in the cloud and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources.

Why We Use Cloud Storage ?

Free cloud storage provides a convenient way to share content with family, friends, colleagues and also keeping documents in sync between all of your devices.

The traditional methods of storing data such as hard drives and pen drives or any other storage device have a lot of advantages associated but If a device is corrupted all the data lost.

Hence the virtual cloud storage is a replica of the traditional storage devices where the users can store their data and keep their backup files on hardware and USB flash drives.

Top Cloud Storages:

We have provided some basic information about free cloud storage services. You can choose the most suitable one.

1. Dropbox :

drop box

Dropbox is a favorite option for consumers, small businesses and enterprises. It is one of the oldest cloud storage provider founded in 2007. It is primarily used for file sharing and share all files and folders to non-dropbox users by using links.

Dropbox has a free basic account option which comes with 2GB of storage space. You can expand limit by referring and following the company on Twitter.

If you made any changes to files, it will back up for 30 days. Dropbox automatically uploads photos from their device after they are taken.

Dropbox can be installed on mobiles, computers and other suitable devices then you can sync easily between devices. It can store any kind of file. It has a drag and drops feature for organizing data.

Dropbox provides the users with easy sync features that help to access the files from any device. The web version of Dropbox has a feature to edit files without downloading.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Earn lots of free storage.
  • Mobile and desktop apps.
  • Undelete files.
  • Intuitive file and folder sharing.
  • Add comments to files.
  • View any file without installing extra software.
  • Edit Microsoft office files online for free.
  • Use selective sync to save space.
  • Go back in time with previous versions.
  • Keep your files safe.
  • Find everything you are sharing.
  • Back up all your pictures to Dropbox.
  • Request files via Dropbox.
  • Small storage space.
  • Bandwidth limits on shared folders.

2. Box :


Box provides 10 GB of free and secure storage to the users. The cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It supports all file format types including photos, videos, and many more.

Box users can share folders, files as an online workspace via the link. Each individual file must be smaller than 250MB to upload into the BOX. It was founded in 2005.

Box offers strong management capabilities and security features. The interface or UI of Box made for simple navigation and ease of use.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Robust search tool.
  • Bulk file downloads.
  • Notes and spreadsheet integration.
  • Supported by many apps.
  • Business plans with advanced security.
  • Limits upload file size.
  • Some features cost.
  • No password option for shared files.
  • Free account file upload limit of 250MB

3. Google Drive :

google drive

Google drive provides 15GB of free online storage to anyone. The services are designed to keep data safe and accessible via any device. It can handle any kind of file including music, movies, documents, etc.

It offers an easy collaboration of files created in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Users can also create surveys with Google Forms, diagrams with Google Drawings, scan documents on their phone with Drive.

The ability is to save email attachments from Gmail. It includes office tools for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is the natural choice for Android device owners.

The Google Drive offline services help users to view all the files and photos that are saved online even when they have bad network service.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • 15GB free storage
  • Google Docs for free
  • Integrated with Android devices
  • Super user-friendly website.
  • Collaboration and file sharing.
  • Desktop and mobile apps.
  • Managed encryption
  • Possible privacy issues
  • No Linux client
  • The web interface isn’t the best
  • Shared storage with other Google services.
  • Bare desktop sync client.

4. One Drive:

one drive

One drive is owned by Microsoft. It offers services of personal and business use. The personal service provides file access from any device and SSL encrypted security.

One drive offers 15GB free storage for Microsoft users. It is naturally well suited to office documents. The documents or files can be shared using the link.

One drive users can be accessed data from any device at any point in time. It is pre-installed on Windows operating system.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Works with Microsoft Office Online.
  • Many ways to upload files.
  • Control how files are shared.
  • Earn more storage for free.
  • Less storage than similar services.

5. Amazon Drive :

amazon drive

Amazon drive offers 5GB of free storage. Users can store all files using the desktop or mobile app using Amazon login.

It is another best free cloud storage available that helps the users in saving photos and files securely. This cloud storage has many features which have made handling of files easier.

Maintaining a perfect workflow i.e. sharing of photos, videos, and documents have now become easier with the powerful features of Amazon Drive.

Amazon has an online storage service called Amazon Drive, which offers Amazon Prime members unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB of space for videos and files.

Files can be uploaded using the desktop client, and web version. It allows folder uploads. The mobile app is also available for uploading videos and photos.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Unlimited photo storage.
  • Upload from mobile and desktop apps.
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Free only for Prime members.
  • No folder sharing.

6. I Drive :


Idrive offers continuous syncing of your files. The web interface supports sharing files by the link.

Files are not automatically deleted from the server. So here is less danger of removing something important by accident. IT admins have access to Idrive thin client application, which allows them to backup/restore using a centralized dashboard.

Idrive has a neat facial recognition feature, helps to organize them automatically and syncing across all your linked devices.

IDrive offers physical hard disk drive if you lose all your data. It allows swift restoration of all you’re backed up files.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Good Security
  • IDrive Express service is handy if disaster strikes
  • No two-factor authentication

7. ICloud :


If you're an Apple user, iCloud storage is clearly a choice that will work well for your devices.

Apple iCloud is designed for consumers and their families only at this time. No business version iCloud is available yet.

iCloud is inbuilt of Apple devices. So users can store and share files via a link across Apple and non-Apple device types, including Window PCs and Android devices.

Backups are automatically done to prevent data loss when the Apple device is plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi.

Apple's iCloud, which comes with an Apple ID account, has a pretty stingy free allowance of 5GB of storage.

Users can access their files from a browser by logging into their iCloud account or on any Apple device. It is the best storage for apple users. The content is stored safely and easy to use.

If you want to back up your iPhone to iCloud, you'll need more than the free 5GB allowance. Apple iCloud prices are very reasonable. Organizing files and folders has become easy with Apple iCloud. It helps in sending messages can save automatically.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Apple’s competitively priced cloud storage locker
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Tight integration with Apple’s platforms
  • Only 5GB storage for free

8. PCloud


pCloud is a cloud file storage platform that offers 10GB free storage when you sign up and can be expanded up to 20GB. Additional storage can get by completion of offers and referrals that add 1GB each.

pCloud offers TLS/SSL channel protection, 256-bit AES encryption for all files and five copies of files on different servers with impressive backup and file recovery features too.

It's also a good option for sharing files with family and friends, as there is no limit to the file size for sharing. It offers users well-designed desktop and mobile apps.

PCloud has simple file sharing options and no size limit to upload the file. It is a good way to send large files t friends, family, and colleagues. It is also possible to share with people who are not using Pcloud service.

PCloud offers no limit to the size of files that you upload but some bandwidth limits apply. It is available to desktop and mobile platforms. The users can also log in via the website.

Pcloud company registered in Switzerland. It has strong privacy. It has feature crypto to lock individual files with passwords with the premium subscription. It has 30 days of trash history.

Pcloud offers a wide range of resizing options for pictures. The drive automatically locks crypto folders, when you log off the device.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Up to 10GB for free
  • Great user experience
  • More free storage than most services.
  • Earn additional space.
  • Multimedia streaming.
  • No speed or file size limit.
  • Affordable
  • Elegant, intuitive interface
  • Simple to use
  • Zero-knowledge costs extra
  • Limited sharing features
  • Lacks file sharing security.
  • No collaboration tools

9. Media Fire

media fire

Media fire is owned by a Texan company. It provides a simple cloud storage service that can be used through a web or mobile app. It allows sharing with non-media fire users.

It offers 10GB of free storage but you can expand storage up to 40 GB by referring a friend and following on social media. You can be upload data up to 4GB per file. Free accounts have ads while using media fire service.

The web-based interface is excellent. It offers mobile apps for convenient uploading and downloading. Mobile makes easy to access files that you are storing in the cloud. It has a feature that is automatic photo syncing.

Media fire is one of the best storage used for storing documents and photos. Handling and organizing of files easier with media fire. Media fire has made to upload multiple files at a time from any browser.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • 10GB free storage
  • Earn up to 50GB free storage
  • Cheap price plans
  • Upload large files.
  • Zero bandwidth limitations.
  • Upload public files to your account.
  • No file sync
  • Poor security
  • Account expires after inactivity.
  • Ad-supported website.

10. Sync


Sync offers multiple files upload at a time through the website and using apps of mobile, desktop apps. Sync offers 5GB free initial cloud storage.

Sync members can share folders with nonsync users. Sync service is not only for the web but also for windows, mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

It is one of the best free cloud storage. It has become quite easy to back up files with Sync.com. It has the best feature to restore deleted files.

Sync has a feature which helps the users to save files in special storage which is different from the sync folder.

Visit Website: SignIn/SignUp

  • Complete tasks to earn more free space.
  • Web-based folder uploads.
  • Collaborate with team folders.
  • Password protects shares.
  • Cons:
  • Not ideal for large files like videos.
  • Can't cancel web uploads.
  • Minimal but functional website.

Other Alternatives:

  1. Mega
  2. Jumpshare
  3. Yandex Disk
  4. Up there
  5. Alibaba OSS
  6. HiDrive
  7. Syncplicity
  8. Degoo
  9. Zoho
  10. MyDrive
  11. Bitrix24
  12. FlipDrive
  13. hubiC
  14. Zeplyn
  15. LetsUpload
  16. Flickr
  17. Tresorit Send
  18. Blomp
  19. Tencent Cloud

Last Updated: 15 April 2019


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