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28 November, 2019

Alphabet Series Reasoning Tricks

Alphabets Magic Tricks

The reasoning questions on the alphabet series are the most expected questions for every competitive exam. This topic is very important for the exam point of view. So you need to memorize the alphabet series positions. Here we are providing tricks to remember letter positions without any difficulty. Let's discuss various types of remembering tricks.

Before going to start coding and decoding, I will tell you how to remember letters. In an exam, they may ask different questions different ways. So find different ways and remember. Here I will tell you letter position for different ways.

Finally, I will tell you how to remember with tricks. This topic in reasoning is easy, scoring and compulsory question. If you remember letter positions, it is a time-saving topic. If you’re confident, choose this topic as your first priority in an exam.

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1. Remember Basics of Letters:

The English alphabet contains 21 consonants and 5 vowels and a total of 26 letters. If we divide alphabet series equally, we will get letters 1 to 13 and 14 to 26 i.e. A to M first 13 letters and the second half starts from N to Z.

  • Vowels 5
  • Consonants 21
  • Total letters 26
  • Letters mirror image is also same for 10 letters.
    i.e. A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W, X

2. Remember Letter positions with Tricks:

Here I will tell you how to remember letters easily. If you remember letter position, this topic easy. So try to remember letter positions. Let’s see.

  • F letter position is 6
    Trick: computer keyboard function key F6
  • G letter position is 7
    Trick: While writing Capital of G, looks like 7
  • H position is 8
    Trick: H is similar to 8
  • K position is 1
    Tricks: K for kill. End of kill looks like 11
  • L letter position is 12
    Trick: Twelve sounds like 2L’v
  • M letter position is 13
    Trick: M letter looks like 3. So remember 13 is M position.
  • O letter position is 15
    Trick: Super symbol (zero) with fingers of 1 hand 5 fingers.
  • P letter position is 16
    Trick: 16 years age for girls
  • R letter position 18
    Trick: R (Restricted) rated movies for 18+
  • T letter position is 20
    Trick: T20 cricket
  • V letter position is 22
    Trick: V letter two sides look same.
    So number two digits is to be same i.e. 22
  • W letter position is 23
    Trick: W letter also looks like 3. So remember 23 is W position
  • X position is 24
    Trick: X ray’s available only in hospitals. Hospitals open 24 hours

3. Remember 5 Table Letter Positions:

The alphabet positions can be remembered with the help of 5 table concept. You can easily remember the position of EJOTY without much effort. It helps only five letters to remember. It is advisable to learn the positions of different letters in the alphabet.

  • E position is 5
  • J position is 10
  • O position is 15
  • T position is 20
  • Y position is 25

Remember: E-5, J-10, O-15, T-20, Y-25
Tricks: E JOTY. It looks like E mail Jothy

4. Remember Vowels Positions:

  • A position is 1
  • E position is 5
  • I position is 9
  • O position is 15
  • U position is 21

Remember: A-1, E-5, I-9, O-15, U-21

Note: Sometimes letter positions of vowels are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Remember: A-1, E-2, I-3, O-4, U-5

5. Reverse Order of Letter Positions:

The reverse order is also very important for coding and decoding. Here I will tell how to remember reverse order easily. Just remember some words that show reverse order letters in the word.

  • AZad reverse order is AZ
  • BoY reverse order is BY
  • CraX reverse order is CX
  • Don’t Worry reverse order is DW
  • loVE reverse order is VE
  • FUll reverse order is FU
  • Greater Than reverse order is GT
  • High School reverse order is HS
  • Indian Railways reverse order is IR
  • Jangle Queen reverse order is JQ
  • KanPur reverse order is KP
  • LogOut reverse order is LO
  • MaN reverse order is MN

Trick: Two letter position number totals should be 27, and then only reverse order.
Remember: A-Z, B-Y, C-X, D-W, E-V, F-U, G-T, H-S, I-R, J-Q, K-P, L-O, M-N

6. Reverse Order Letter Positions for Vowels:

  • A reverse order position is 26
  • E reverse order position is 22
  • I reverse order position is 18
  • O reverse order position is 12
  • U reverse order position is 6

Remember: A-26, E-22, I-18, O-12, U-6

7. 5 Table Reverse Order Letter Positions:

  • V reverse order position is 5
  • Q reverse order position is 10
  • L reverse order position is 15
  • G reverse order position is 20
  • B reverse order position is 25

Remember: V-5, Q-10, L-15, G-20, B-25

8. The Final Trick for Letter Coding and Decoding:

If you’re unable to remember all letters while writing an exam, just write below letters in same order. That order helps you to find letter positions of correct order and reverse order.

Letter order & Reverse order positions

1 2 34 56 7 8 9 10111213
26 25 2423 2221 20 19 18 1716 1514

Note: M, W two letters look like 3. So give positions M is 1 and W is 2

9. The Formula for Reverse Order:

If you don’t want to write above letters, just follow formula for reverse order

Reverse Order = 27- < letter position number >= reverse order letter number

Rajashekar KankanalaRajashekarKankanala
Tuts Raja
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30 October, 2017

Letter Coding with Numbers

Letter coding

Letter coding and decoding are used for encrypted communication purpose. This type of coding rules defined by the sender and understands the only receiver without knowing the third person.

Here coding and decoding for competitive exams to test the ability of the candidate. In this letter coding and decoding one pair of the word given for relation analysis and next one word given, to solve with the previous relationship.

Important Key points:

  • Write down given pair of words.
  • Write position of letters.
  • Analyze relation between the pair.
  • Do same for the new word to find the answer.

See Examples,

1. In a certain code language, BLIND is written as BCIED, then how AMONG written in same code language ?

Correct Answer: Option C


Here, result position of word letter is addition of individual digits.

2. In a certain code language, ADOBE is written as CCOXE, then how TABLE written in same code language ?

Correct Answer: Option A


Here, result position of word letter is backward and forward (-2 -1 +1 +2).

Rajashekar KankanalaRajashekarKankanala
Tuts Raja
NTR Colony

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